Trigger King PS3 Combo Pack - Classic and Pro Triggers with Tuning Wrench

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Trigger King PS3 Combo Pack

The only fully adjustable hair-trigger attachment for Playstation 3 controllers. With increased length and adjustable sensitivity, less energy is required to activate the trigger. This results in faster and more precise play for all gamer types. Each trigger is made in the USA, attaches easily to existing stock PS3 controllers and can be fine-tuned with our patent pending TK technology.

Key Advantages:                      

  • Patent Pending TK Precision Tuning Technology: Triggers can be individually fine-tuned to create the most sensitive hair triggers available.
  • With a wider range of motion, less energy is needed to activate the trigger.
  • Drastically decreases trigger lag while aiming and shooting: You’ll be able to fire before your enemy has a chance to aim.
  • No Assembly required: Easily attach and remove in seconds, Triggers are made in the USA and reinforced to take a beating.