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Quickscope Gaming Crosshairs instantly improve aiming speed and accuracy in First and Third person  games.  Never be forced to wait for the in-game crosshair to appear. Great for Hardcore game modes. Gain an instant advantage against opponents. 

Master the Art of Sniping: Learn how to Quickscope, No-Scope and Hardscope like a  Pro.
We also carry specially designed crosshairs for games with real-bullet drop dynamics. Increase your aiming precision and accuracy at longer distances.

The decals can be layered to create your own favorite custom designs.

Quickscopes can be easily applied and removed from your screen. Use them with all of your favorite games on any console (PS3  |PS4 | Xbox One| Xbox 360) or PC.       
Quickscope  Advantages:

• Hip-Fire, Toss Grenades with  Precision 
• Quickly Master the art of Quick-Scoping, No-Scoping and Hard-Scoping 
• Never Waste an Attachment on a Scope - Free up different modifications for your  weapons
• Pre-target Enemies and Line up  easy headshots from behind cover 
•  Great for Hardcore Game Modes 
•  Dominate the Competition and Have More Fun
Quickscope Gaming Crosshairs have been helping thousands of gamers around the World improve their game play!!!