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HOW TO SETUP YOUR DISPLAY FOR GAMING - Simple Tips, Tricks and Tweaks to give you the advantage


Configure you television and display options to give you an easy advantage!

Your television, computer and gaming hardware are equipped with a variety of visual customizations. Simple adjustments to your brightness, contrast and saturation can illuminate and optimize the gaming experience. Many of us ask,

"What is contrast? Or brightness?... and how does it affect how I play?".

More than you might think...

Take a good look at the presets and setting offered by your television, they can drastically change the way you see your opponents and change how you play entirely.

TV Presets

There are many viewing modes available with most modern television sets. We see settings such as cinema, sports, gaming, and illuminated modes aimed to accommodate what we're watching and playing.


Contrast enhances whites and darks in a way that can omit certain detail in especially dark or light environments. In the frozen tundra, high levels of contrast will cause the snowy ground to over-illuminate its surroundings, causing a slight visual disadvantage. In darker areas, high contrast settings will limit visible colors to the point where it can be difficult to spot opponents. Higher levels of contrast can make the visuals within a game very pleasing to the eye, but you will put yourself at a serious disadvantage if you overdo it.


Brightness and contrast affect each other significantly. A correct balance is difficult to calibrate, but the effort is well worth your while. Generally, higher brightness detracts from the games visual appearance, but set it up high enough and you can see in the dark...


Saturation adjust the richness of the colors on your screen. Higher saturation will reduce visual distractions by consolidating colors, but setting it too high can blend opponents with their surroundings. When the saturation is set to "0" all you will see is black and white... while the look is rustic, vintage and trendy color is an advantage in the FPS world.

Take a good look at the options on your television - more often than not the current settings have been drastically affecting your gameplay!




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